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    Wellness Pack

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    A Complete Health, Wellness, & Weight Management Solution

    The Wellness Pack is the optimal choice for kickstarting your health goals! Select the protein of your choice for strength and recovery or to curb that appetite. The “Daily Foundation Bundle” (Essential, Immune Boost & Omega+D3) is included in the Wellness Pack for immune support, brain function, heart health, eye health and to help fight free radical damage and oxidative stress. Then added in is the Xendurance Focus formula which has 35 years of clinical research in its patented ingredient, Alphasize®. Everyone is looking for better energy, clarity and memory and Focus does even more. And don’t forget gut health! The Probiotic & Prebiotic provides a 17-strain blend with 10 billion CFUs of known microbiome delivered in a vegetarian delayed release, acid resistant capsule. The Wellness Pack contains 6 incredibly beneficial formulas to keep you on a healthy path.*

    What's inside?

    • Protein choice (Chocolate, Vanilla, Lean Plant Protein, Collagen+Greens)
    • Immune Boost
    • Omega+D3
    • Probiotic+Prebiotic
    • Essential
    • Focus

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    Nourish Your Mind & Body | Boost Energy & Focus | Reduce Weight Gain | Improve Gut Health

    Finally – EVERY Supplement Needed to Enrich Your Well-Being

    In search of that “Fountain of Youth” to keep you feeling on top of the world? The Wellness Pack was chosen just for you…Jumpstart each day with a powerhouse of supplements designed to promote anti-aging, vitality, focus and immune boosting ingredients. Feed your body the nutrients needed to take on each day with a great attitude & immense energy!

    ➡️ Essential – Vitalizes your mind & body w/ powerful nutrients & minerals
    ➡️ Immune Boost – Fights oxidative stress, free radical damage and provides overall immune support
    ➡️ Omega+D3 – 100% pure, Triglyceride EPA+DHA fish oil for overall well-being
    ➡️ Focus – Boosts creativity, alertness, brainpower & high cognitive output
    ➡️ Probiotic+Prebiotic – Promotes healthy digestion, energy levels & brain function
    ➡️ Protein choice – SuperGrade (Chocolate or Vanilla), Collagen+Greens or Lean Plant Protein

    Nourish Your Body & Help Boost Longevity w/ Probiotic+Prebiotic and The Daily Foundation Bundle

    Daily Foundation includes our Essential, Immune Boost & Omega+D3 supplements – formulated to revive & safeguard your body’s ongoing nutrient balance. Add-in Probiotic+Prebiotic to help rejuvenate your gut health… and you’ll enjoy an effective combination of vitamins & minerals to help you look better… feel better… & live your best life.

    ✔️ Helps promote your physical, mental & emotional well-being
    ✔️Cultivates immune support for the body and nurtures healthy aging
    ✔️Fosters gut health w/ Prebiotic+Probiotic’s “microbiome therapy”
    ✔️Elevates your mood & brain function, while soothing anxiety & stress
    ✔️ Bioavailable ingredients to increase nutrient absorption and “Fuel What Matters”

    100% Pure, Organic, Natural Omega-3 and Vitamin D

    Seafood prices are spiking. Supplementing with pure omega-3’s is more important than ever – especially for your wallet. Omega+D3 is a brilliant way to avoid the synthetic “knockoff” omega-3 supplements… so you can nourish your body w/ organic EPA+DHA omega-3’s and boost your vitamin D intake (helping support a stable mood & healthy skin – especially with rising vitamin D deficiency rates).

    The Wellness Pack Optimal Steps


    Any selection of Protein can be taken anytime during the day - a morning shake or after a workout!

    Daily Foundation & Probiotic+Prebiotic 

    For best results use recommended dosages 


    Take as needed. Need a little focus? Or a little more energy? Have a scoop!

    Overall Health and Wellness is the Name of the Game! 

    See why 1,000’s of customers prefer the supplements in our Wellness Pack over any option on the market – with a near-perfect customer rating.

    BenefitsThe Wellness PackOther health packs
    Anti-aging, immune support, energy, and FOCUS for everyone’s goals in life
    12+ clinical studies; 2 Gold Standard, Published clinicals on Extreme Endurance
    SupeGrade protein blends (Plant & Whey) and Superfood Organic Greens
    A Probiotic & Prebiotic combo to feed and nourish gut health 
    Made in the U.S.A & backed by our 100% 30-day money back guarantee. 

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    Meet Focus – Your Binoculars For The Brain

    You know that euphoric “flow state” where your mood, alertness & energy levels click exactly the way you want… and you feel like an unstoppable champion? Almost like binoculars for the brain? Focus by Xendurance can lead the way! This formula includes ingredients like L-Theanine for elevating your mental sharpness & stabilizing your mood – along with patented Alphasize®, an elite mental + physical performance amplifier.

    Personalize Your Protein & Recovery Needs w/ Lean, SuperGrade Protein or Collagen+Greens

    Whether it’s a full workout or a hard day of work/labor… your body will refuel & recover best with vital proteins. The Wellness Pack lets you choose & personalize your protein intake among Lean Plant Protein, SuperGrade Protein & Collagen+Greens – each with their own unique benefits:

    ➡️ SuperGrade (Chocolate or Vanilla) – Our 4-in-1 protein blend with Whey Hydrolysate, Whey Isolate, Micellar Casein & Calcium Caseinate. Designed to galvanize muscle growth, maximize absorption & speed-up recovery.
    ➡️ Lean – A protein-dense formula made with vegan superfoods (plant-based pea & chickpea protein). Geared towards weight loss, recovery & overall nutrition.
    ➡️ Collagen+Greens – 100% grass-fed collagen protein & organic superfood greens. This blend refuels your body & nourishes hair, skin & nails to help achieve a jaw-dropping, youthful complexion.

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