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It was Friday morning, Veterans Day, to be exact, and I had just finished a Ragnar Trail Race the weekend prior. I was riding the ultimate high, feeling empowered and ready to lean into the next challenge: completing a hiring process and receiving the opportunity to become a firefighter for a local department. 

I had done wildland firefighting and EMS, and I was determined to bring my passion closer to home. Spending summers fighting fire and providing EMS with little ones at home as a single mother breeds a challenge on its own. 

Caught By Surprise

I finished my phone call with my boyfriend (now business partner), pulled up on my first job of the day (working as a technician pulling cable), and was ready to work. After all, this temporary job was preparing me further for my dream. It was at this exact hour my life was completely flipped upside down.

I felt the biggest urgency to relieve myself, so I told my partner that I'd find a porta-potty in the new development we were working in and be right back after I had taken care of my needs. I never returned. I knew immediately that this wasn't just a bladder infection I thought I had, and the immense pain needed medical attention. 

My stomach was distended, my heart was racing, I was sweating, and even after two births, I can say this was the worst pain I had ever felt in my entire 28 years of existence. After a few minutes of my stubbornness, I called my boyfriend, who convinced me to call 911. 

It was 45min-1hr from when I initiated emergency medical attention to when I was under a surgical blade. I had experienced a completely ruptured fallopian tube from an ectopic pregnancy. And just like that, the hiring process I was in the middle of, my physical fitness, my means of coping, all wiped clean. 

I still showed up to my interviews and put forth the maximum effort I could to chase my dream that was so tangible that it hurt to watch it slip through my fingers. However, other plans were in store, which is precisely how The Scheming Cookie was born. 

I had lost my fallopian tube and baby, and I also had to grieve my dream to become a firefighter. Still, it allowed me the time to birth a new company that would give me immense joy and gratitude. 


And The Baking Began

I was stir-crazy, and my way of coping through physical fitness was halted. My best friend had just gotten an ACL repair and was also bedridden. I couldn't sulk and pity myself any longer, so I decided to bake her a cookie jar full of big fat cookies and bring her wine. 

My boyfriend had to place my stand mixer on the counter because my incisions were still healing. But I just wanted to bring a little joy to my best friend, who I knew was also facing the same challenges in different contexts. 

So, the baking began. After dropping off her cookies, minutes later, she texted me saying her husband literally said, "What is in these? Black magic? She could literally sell these." 

With my income cut to 60% and Christmas being right around the corner, I leaned on my network and Crossfit community for support. I offered to sell cookies for Christmas, thinking it would be a month-long thing. Before we knew it, we had returning customers and were invited to farmer's markets and other gyms to sell our cookies.

Truly, some light came from some of the darkest moments I've yet to experience. As we started showing up to farmer's markets, I watched as my boyfriend selflessly supported me. At the first market we showed up to, I was still healing from my surgery and was scolded many times as I was eager to help set up tables and canopies that I wasn't cleared to physically handle yet.

I watched this man partner with me, believing in my product to the point that when customers approached the booth, they rarely left without a cookie after hearing his lame dad jokes. He'd stay up late packaging cookies. I spent every ounce of my energy standing and crafting. 

Soon, we'd start selling out, and our brand became well-known. We gave each cookie a personality as a reflection of how much energy and attention went into crafting each cookie. 

From the texture to the cookie's taste, smell, and aesthetic, I wanted to create something that reflected the comfort I needed this season. So that when our customers also experienced the cookie, they would be met with an indulgence and comfort cookie that stood out from other "gourmet" cookies. 

Xendurance Whey Protein

The Protein Cookies

We partnered with Xendurance in response to partnering with a climbing gym, Climbmax, in Tempe, AZ. My boyfriend and I brainstormed how to expand our network. After reaching out, they agreed to carry our cookies for the community to purchase. We are grateful for their heart for their community and small business. For that, we want to continue to carry the torch forward. So we created our first protein cookie, modeled after Climbmax. 

It is a peanut butter oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie, packing 30g of protein in one serving thanks to Xendurance's Protein powder. I have baked with other proteins prior, and they always came out either dry, crumbly, or with the WORST artificial after-taste. 

So when my friend reached out and sent me a bag of their Protein (in the perfect timeline of creating this protein cookie for Climbmax), I was eager to try their blend. I honestly think it's because they don't use any artificial nonsense (most proteins have corn solids, artificial flavors, etc.) and that their whey is a high-quality blend of over 72% Hydrolysate, which includes Casein (which is GREAT for baking). 

From the recovery standpoint, without even considering baking, this combination is genius. Not only do you get the most bioavailability from the Hydrolysate, but you also get the extended-release from the Casein. 

In addition, the blend contains a high amount of Hydrolysate, allowing for the easiest digestion for sensitive tummies like mine. The fact that I have been able to perfect each recipe and know that the whey will produce consistent results in my baking ensures that the blend is made with high-quality ingredients in EVERY batch. This makes it a no-brainer when choosing a protein to be able to offer in all of our cookies as an add-on. 

In addition, the Team Member program Xendurance has created allows a small start-up like ours to thrive without investing in a huge overhead. It also opens the door for passive income and added streams of income. It's a win-win and genuinely another blessing from adversity in the darkest moments of our life thus far. 

Our cookies are available for the greater Phoenix area, and we hope to start shipping nationwide in 2023. Every purchase supports our dream to open a storefront that will funnel at least 10% of proceeds to a nonprofit supporting domestic abuse and care for survivors, both men and women alike. 

You may purchase our cookies through our Instagram @theschemingcookie or our website The Scheming Cookie 

We appreciate your time and support! 


The Scheming Cookie


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