Are There Harmful Ingredients in Your Skincare?

Are There Harmful Ingredients in Your Skincare?

In the realm of beauty and wellness, the safety of skincare products is paramount. However, the disturbing reality is that many skincare items on the market today contain substances that could be harmful or even banned. This revelation begs the question: How can consumers trust the products they use daily? The answer lies in stringent certification processes, a concept brought to the forefront by Informed Sport in collaboration with SKINByXND, Xendurance, the first skincare line in the world to receive such certification. This pioneering move marks a significant step in ensuring product safety and consumer health.

Understanding Harmful Ingredients in Skincare

Banned substances in skincare refer to chemicals or ingredients prohibited due to their potential health risks. These substances can range from certain parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances to more severe cases like mercury and hydroquinone. Often used to enhance product efficacy, longevity, or aesthetics, these banned ingredients pose various health risks, including allergic reactions, hormonal disruptions, and even carcinogenic effects.

The presence of such substances in skincare products is alarming, especially considering the skin’s ability to absorb what is applied to it. The problem intensifies with the lack of stringent regulations in some markets, allowing the unchecked distribution of potentially harmful products. This situation underlines the need for thorough testing and certification processes, ensuring that the products consumers use are free from harmful substances.

The Role of Informed Sport in Skincare Certification 

Informed Sport, renowned for its certification in the sports nutrition sector, has expanded its expertise into the skincare industry. This organization provides rigorous testing for banned substances, ensuring that products meet strict safety standards. The certification process involves detailed laboratory testing, thorough product assessments, and regular facility audits. This comprehensive approach guarantees that certified products, like those from SKINByXND, are free from any banned or harmful substances.

The significance of Informed Sport's certification in the skincare industry cannot be overstated. It offers a beacon of trust and safety for consumers, particularly for athletes who must adhere to strict anti-doping regulations. Products bearing the Informed Sport seal give consumers the confidence that what they are applying to their skin is not only effective but also safe and compliant with the highest safety standards.

SKINByXND (Xendurance): A Case Study 

Xendurance recently became a hub for some of the world's elite runners, who spent a month training with them this past winter. During their stay, they extensively used the XND gym facilities and had the opportunity to explore the remarkable sports nutrition products offered on campus. Intriguingly, the coach of these top-tier athletes overheard a discussion about the SKINByXND skincare line, particularly noting its Informed Sport certification for banned substances. His immediate reaction, "This is one of our primary concerns," resonated deeply, echoing the very rationale behind the skincare line's formulation. This incident highlighted a crucial point: if Xendurance is committed to testing their supplements for banned substances, being the first US company to earn the Informed Sport label, then extending this rigorous testing to skincare products is a logical and necessary step.

Why Is Testing Skincare A Necessary Step?

First and foremost is the process of dermal absorption. Whatever is applied to your skin is either absorbed or makes an effort to be.

The American Journal of Public Health's study, revealing a 64% absorption rate of toxic chemicals in drinking water through the skin, underscores the criticality of being cautious about what we apply to our skin. 

UFC Fighter, Rob Font, was cleared of violating the Ultimate Fighting Championships’ Anti-Doping Policy in July 2021 after an investigation found that a positive test was caused by a shampoo and body lotion.

Katerina Nash, a mountain biker and cross-country skier who represented the Czech Republic in two Winter and three Summer Olympics, avoided a four-year doping sanction after minute traces of a banned substance showed up in her system. Authorities determined the substance got there through her skin during the messy struggles she faced in forcing medicine drops down the throat of her ailing dog.

Consider walking into a shop that sells your favorite sports and casual wear. An October 2022 investigation uncovered that such clothing contained BPA at levels 22 times the accepted safe limit. This alarming revelation has brought to light serious safety issues with daily-use products, focusing on the risk of skin absorption and the possibility of these chemicals reaching the bloodstream 

Numerous people opt for aluminum-free deodorants to avoid aluminum being absorbed through their skin, while others prefer hormonal creams for their efficient transdermal benefits. Think of your skin as a large sponge, readily absorbing whatever is applied to it. It's essential for athletes, consumers, parents, and all individuals to be mindful of the harmful ingredients present in anything that makes contact with our skin.

Is There Uniformity in Skincare Production Facilities?

NO, but they are being forced to change. Skin care manufacturing does NOT require 3rd party testing and certification. They can manufacture cleaning fluid and then make skin care in the same facility. SKINByXND helped their facility to become more progressive.

And more changes are coming…

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act empowers the FDA to recall harmful cosmetics. Advocates want to know why  manufacturers still don’t have to prove their products are safe before they’re sold to millions of consumers.

By Victoria St. Martin
Inside Climate News 
November 27, 2023

SKINByXND Lab Certifications

  1. Informed Sport (testing for banned substances)
  2. Dermatologist Tested and Approved
  3. Cruelty Free International
  4. United States Environmental Protection Agency
  5. California Department of Food and Agriculture: Registered Organic Input Material
  6. UL Enterprise
  7. FDA Registered
  8. Quality Glossary Definition: ISO 9001
  9. ISO 22716 cGMP Certification
Harmful Ingredients in Skincare

Why Should Consumers Be Aware And Responsible When Selecting Products?

For consumers, being aware and vigilant is crucial when exploring the skincare market. Knowing the ingredients in skincare products and understanding their possible effects is essential. Key actions include reading product labels, conducting research on ingredients, and staying updated on banned substances.

Additionally, consumers should seek out certifications such as Informed Sport, which signify safety and quality. These certifications are helpful tools in guiding consumers to make educated decisions about their skincare choices. By choosing to support brands that focus on safety and transparency, like SKINByXND, consumers can influence the industry, prompting more brands to follow suit with similar commitments.


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